Do Teeth Implants Hurt?

Dental implants are a great new advancement in dental technology. If your tooth (or teeth) has been knocked out or needs to be removed due to excessive decay or gingivitis, implants can be a great option. It used to be that there was nothing to be done about a lost tooth, but now we can place natural-looking, comfortable dental implants.

When we place implants, we essentially provide you with artificial tooth roots that attach to either your permanent tooth that needs reattaching, or an artificial tooth. These roots eventually fuse to the bone of your jaw, becoming just as “real” as the roots of your other teeth. Because of this natural adaptation, your new tooth will be very comfortable and won’t affect the surrounding teeth in any way. Implants have several great benefits: they are long-lasting and durable, improve speech, are convenient and comfortable, and improve your self-esteem by providing you with a beautiful, uniform smile.

The Dental Implant Process

The process of placing implants is customized based on your specific situation and needs, but the main procedure is to place a new “root” made of titanium in the bone socket. During this procedure, we use local anesthesia at the site to prevent you from feeling any pain. Afterward, any discomfort or soreness you feel should be slight enough to be treatable with over-the-counter pain medications such as Advil. Most patients report that the experience was less uncomfortable than expected. Your new titanium tooth root eventually fuses to the bone. This healing process takes 6-12 weeks, after which we can securely attach the new crown to your tooth root.

To attach your crown, or artificial tooth, we again use local anesthesia, and you should not experience any pain. The crown is produced custom to your mouth based on impressions of your teeth, and designed using materials that look and feel like a real tooth. Once attached to the titanium root, the crown provides a permanent and natural appearance.

Overall, the process of placing a tooth implant is largely pain-free, and should not factor into your decision of whether this procedure is right for you. Once placed, the implant will feel and look as natural as the rest of your teeth. And like your other teeth, it won’t cause you any pain or inconvenience. For your dental health and cosmetic reasons, implants are a great choice. When you come in, we’ll go over each step of the procedure and discuss any concerns you might have.


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